Experimenting with the camera, I began capturing memories that helped me connect more with nature & the feeling within. Ever since I discovered my passion was looking through the lens & finding the balance between the method & madness of experiencing life, I kept travelling, to tell stories of the simple, benevolent & the kind. I grew a thousand fold after experiencing the technicalities of my profession at the Light & Life Academy in Ooty. My journey after that began with 22 feet, an advertising agency that led me to learn about the human mind & nature - subject that I adore to study about. Moreover, my working with Untold Collective has led me to explore and immerse myself in stories that I truly have always wanted to to throw light on. 

There is not one medium, style of concept that I restrict myself to, I am always inspired by change & the floating auras of where life keeps taking me. Change is constant & so is knowledge - as I keep exploring the world with my lens, I combine memories, surroundings & the overwhelming feelings of my intuitions. 

The stories, that I tell you are a constant amalgamation of my conscious & sub conscious being. This is how I am able to invent & convert those thoughts into images. It is in this process that I find myself most present in me.