Hagur - A necessary Sport 

Hagur, is a do it yourself bodyboard made by the village folk in the mountains of Kashmir. Made through generations due to a necessity to ferry goods up and down the steep slopes of the valley. Today, Hagur still finds a place in the modern lifestyle, bringing the old school charm to the children who play with it.

‘Ha,’ and ‘Gur,’ are two sounds made by the mountain folk in Kashmir while they herd their Sheep, Horses and Goats. When said together, ‘Hagur,’ usually means ‘let’s go!’ A bunch of wooden sticks, 3 circular ball bearings triangled to fit a plank, the spirit of raw body boarding down the mountain slopes, and most importantly, the necessity to move various goods quickly and swiftly. That’s all that makes the Hagur. But if you’re deceived by its simplicity, the adventure it packs will prove you wrong. The kind that’ll give you bruises for a lifetime and if you are anything like me, a few broken bones too.

Hagur was an idea. An idea of movement without restrictions and it soon became a culture because of its simplicity. It was remodelled to teach toddlers how to walk, and elder brothers and fathers made a version for their sons and brothers to play with. It became a poster figure of childhood in the villages. Much like how a tricycle defined most of ours.

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“Hagur was born out of an everyday need for speed. We needed something that would let us and the logs of wood we carry from the woods reach the villages faster. Think of it as a vehicle for daily chores!”
— Akbar

A sport that is symbolic of local inventions and brotherhood amongst the villages of the state.

"I literally grew up on a Hagur. But in the last few years, plastic tricycles have caught up and vehicles have taken over our lives." -Mumtazar in Laripora, a small village in Gulmarg

The few Hagurs left in these are proud possessions of children who show off their skills, stories of speed and adventure.

A sport that is symbolic of local inventions and brotherhood amongst the villages of the state.